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Church Fire in Ada,OH Causes Sever Structural Damage

Heat from this ferocious fire melted the siding on the fronts of two houses across the street from the church, as well as several trash and recycling receptacles nearby.

Hundreds of spectators came and went throughout the afternoon hours to look at what little remained of the stone church, which was dedicated in June, 1889.

First responders were called in from neighboring communities, including Bluffton, Kenton, McGuffey, Jenera, Alger, and Union Township, and from the Hardin County Sheriff's Office. The state fire marshal's office was investigating the cause.

Ada,OH 2012- Local Ada,OH Church Decimated by Fire

This historic Ada,OH church was badly damaged by this 2012 structure fire. Unfortunately for the church and the community of Ada the damage was too extensive to save the building. As you can see from the photo, the only thing structurally left standing was the masonry of the outside walls. The entirety of the roof and any flammable structure materials were destroyed by the fire.

Heartland Senior Assisted Living in Bellefontaine,OH

This senior assisted living facility had their sprinkler system freeze a burst. Causing heavy damage to many rooms, hallways and contents. The primary damage was caused by blown in insulation, which did save a lot of potential water damage. But on the other hand resulted in quite a mess and required extensive clean up.

Nature takes over in Sidney,OH

This long lost city building in Sidney,OH had been left to the elements for years, and this was the result. This is similar to what would happen to many current structures if man were no longer inhabiting this planet.

Belle Meadows Apartments in Bellefontaine,OH Fire Damage

These apartment units were heavily damaged by fire, due to an electrical malfunction. These walls were too far gone to clean and make it "Like it never even happened", but we were able to clean them to prep for sealing and painting.

Water damage in Upper Sandusky,OH

This florist shop in Upper Sandusky,OH was damaged due to an undisclosed water issue. We were able to arrive onsite within hours to make sure they could stay up and running!