Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Out of Sight, Out of Mind. . .

While it may be one of the most overlooked tools in your home, it's also one of the most potentially overworked. Keeping an extra (new and never used) sump pump as a backup could save you thousands of dollars worth of damage in the long run.

Make a bi-annual checklist, and be sure to add routine checkup/maintenance of your sump pump to it. At some point and time you will probably be glad that you did.

Heavy Storms Damage Wapakoneta,OH Doctor's Office Basement

This photo is a prime example of why porous goods should never be stored directly on the floor, especially in a basement.

This doctor's office lost literally tons of past documents, due to water backup in their basement.

Storm damage caused by flooding in Ada,OH

This basement was severely damaged due to flooding caused by a local storm in Ada,OH. The water got so high that the couch literally tried to float out of the window. In this circumstance the basement needed to be emptied, and the drywall removed to aid in the drying process.

Storm/Flood damage can be devastating

This basement in Kenton,OH flooded due to the rain and snow melt, and at it's highest it measured around 4 feet of water. The preceding damage was quite extensive. Around an estimated $10,000 worth of damage was documented.

Kenton,OH area flooding

Local Kenton,OH photo of recent flooding in the area. The snow melt along with the rain, were just too much for the ground to hold. As local areas were inundated by flood waters overnight.

Storm Aftermath

Basement after a winter thaw and storm , leading to flooding throughout the area. In this specific basement the water got so high , that the couch tried to float out an Egress window.