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Water Damaged Basement in Kenton,OH

Here are some quick tips when it comes to water damage and your property:What you can do until help arrivesAfter any water damage situation, your primary focus ... READ MORE

Bellefontaine,OH Flooding Leads to Mold

This basement suffered from flooding due to heavy rain storms. However the water intrusion was not discovered in a timely manner. Which led to the mold growth s... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage in Ada,OH Leads to Mold Issues

This bathroom in Ada,OH had a water leak that was failed to be diagnosed. Which led to the mold issue you see in this photo. It is of the utmost importance to b... READ MORE

Water Damaged Basement in West Liberty,OH

Sometimes in a water damage situation we can utilize a process known as "Top Down Drying", to salvage your carpeting and pad with little to no disruption to you... READ MORE

Kenton,OH Apartment Heavily Smoke Damaged Due to Fire

This apartment in Kenton,OH was heavily smoke damaged due to an electrical fire. As you can see, it was quite a bad fire. Some may have even said that it was to... READ MORE

Flooded Basement Leads to a Moldy Situation in West Mansfield,OH

These beams were affected by mold throughout the basement areas, due to a water damage situation that was not handled in a timely manner.Since microscopic mold ... READ MORE

Mold Damage Due to a Wet Basement in Upper Sandusky,OH

This basement was damaged due to mold because of a improperly handled water damage. The mold affected the basement area throughout. From the flooring, all the w... READ MORE

Rain Storms Adversely Affect Findlay,OH Homes

This basement in Findlay,OH was unfortunately affected by heavy rain storms. Which caused water damage to the entirety of the basement.As you can see from the f... READ MORE

Water Backup in Findlay,OH

This basement furnace room in Findlay,OH was damaged due to a sump pump back up, that caused their personal belongings to float throughout the basement areas.We... READ MORE

Rain Storms Cause Water Damage in Findlay,OH

Restoring storm- and flood-damaged properties is the cornerstone of our business.Our highly trained professionals use specialized equipment and advanced trainin... READ MORE